A family owned company with roots 85 years back in time.

The beginning

Interdan was founded by K.W. Bruun in 1930. The company, then known as British Motors, imported a variety of brands, including Fiat. In 1952 we obtained the contract for import of Peugeot in Denmark and changed our name to Interdan on this occasion.

The continuation

Since then, we have expanded imports into Sweden and today we constitute the import and distribution engine behind some of the most popular car brands in Scandinavia, including Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Mitsubishi. At the same time, we have expanded our business to including logistics, insurance, leasing, financing, and not least investment.

Interdan is founded in the name of British Motors

Interdan becomes the first importer of Peugeot in Denmark

Interdan takes up importing Peugeot to Sweden

Interdan takes up importing Mitsubishi to Denmark

Interdan takes up importing Citroën to Denmark, DS and Opel to Denmark and Sweden and launches Bilabonnement and auto.nu in Denmark

Exclusively represented in Denmark and Sweden States, 80,000 sales units per year, 500,000 units driving

Interdan Holding Group comprises the following companies

Interdan Invest A/S, Interdan Bil A/S, K.W. Bruun Import A/S (Peugeot, Citroën and DS in Denmark), K.W. Bruun Autoimport AB (Peugeot and DS in Sweden), K.W. Bruun Logistik A/S, K.W. Bruun Automotive A/S (Opel in Denmark), K.W. Bruun Automotive AB (Opel in Sweden), K.W. Bruun Logistik AB, MMC Danmark A/S (Mitsubishi), Dankor Autoimport A/S, Interdan Leasing A/S, Sätra Motorcenter AB, Interdan NxT A/S, Bilabonnement A/S and Auto.nu A/S.