At Interdan we are constantly working very hard to create value – for the employees, the company as a whole and for our society.


Interdan Onboarding
At the start of any employment at Interdan, the new employee will be introduced to the Group and the individual companies through a carefully organized onboarding course, where each department is represented in the training and dissemination of core values and objectives.

Student programme
Every year Interdan hires a number of office students, who are thoroughly trained in all facets of the company’s administrative tasks and, with time, assigned their own areas of responsibility. At the same time, students get a unique and valuable insight into a modern and innovative company and they will have a good understanding of doing business in addition to an exciting training course.

Pension and Insurance Contracts
At Interdan all employees automatically have an attractive pension and a number of insurance contracts, covering them optimally in terms of health, safety and the after-labour-market time.

Personnel fund
In 1983 Interdan Group Personnel fund was established with a fortune given by then Interdan A/S. The main purpose of the Fund is to provide assistance and support to current and former employees (and in some cases their relatives) in Interdan Group companies in case of illness, training, rehabilitation and recreation. The Fund can also provide support in other matters deemed significant and relevant to the employee’s work and well-being.


Ragnhild Bruun’s Fund, one of the family owned funds behind Interdan, gives away a number of donations each year to selected organisations or purposes, to which the company and the Bruun family are particularly committed. Interdan’s employees can also help set good goals for donation.