Core values

Interdan is a family business where we put people at the heart of our business and consider our employees a part of the family. C.A.R.E. is the Interdan family’s core values. We appreciate our family and it is important for us that you do the same.

Our focus areas

This is how we categorize our core values:

Only the most flexible and adaptable companies will be successful; we shall, however, never lose sight of the long-term goal. New thinking and the ability to continuous development ensure long-term eligibility for our company and the workplaces. Good acumen, honesty and constant challenging our industry and ourselves is our commitment.

We develop the industry’s best employees. Only by doing so can we achieve our goals. We are ambitious, demanding and we believe that everyone should contribute positively to developing themselves and our good workplace for the benefit of all. It is our ambition to improve constantly – as humans and as a company.

We prioritize our responsibilities to the company but we would rather compromise on returns than on our values. What we say is what we do and we believe that we get far only by behaving properly. Respect and integrity are the link of our work and organisation and this will help us make the right decisions in every respect. This is our shared responsibility.

We love what we do. Enthusiasm in everyday life is essential in Interdan. If you are not excited we should like to be challenged on this as well as we should like to challenge you on how to help you bring excitement into your everyday lives and into your work. A positive mind, a dedicated effort, and the ability to constantly challenge the way we work in everyday life are the key to success as we see it.