Reliability. Japanese quality.
Series production since 1917.

Trend setting

Mitsubishi Motors was established in 1917, which was also the year of Japan’s first series-produced car, Mitsubishi Model A.

Since then, Mitsubishi has marked the car brand with several major icons and trendsetters. In motor sport, Mitsubishi’s rally-winning 4 × 4 technology has created major international successes with both Lancer and Pajero.

In 2006, Interdan took over imports of Mitsubishi with a nationwide network of approx. 45 authorized dealers and workshops to distribute the wide and reliable car program.


Mitsubishi Group’s core philosophy:
Shoki Hoko = Corporate Responsibility to Society
Shoji Komei = Integrity and Fairness
Ritsugyo Boeki = Global Understanding through Business